Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Times

Me and Lee went on a date to Royal Jade, a cute little Chinese restaurant by our house. We had a fun time, and he's totally cute!

Deer hunting... heavy on the hunting, cause there was no "getting".

This was my third year deer hunting, and so far i think the deer all do a magic disappearing trick while it's hunting season, because my dad and i didn't even see a deer! I still had lots of fun though just bein' with my old man. I think that's one of the things i love the very most about hunting is that i get to spend time with my dad, and it's just me, him, and the whole big mountain (I wouldn't mind if a few deer decided to join us though).

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Standing on the edge of the future...

Ok so, i guess i've just been kindof freaking out lately because i have so many important choices coming up and i'm feeling a little lost... and to be honest i'm terrified! There is so much to do... finish personal progress, apply for colleges, apply for scholarships, homework, my work as Laurel president, try and be involved in high school... and a couple minor details... i need to figure out what i want to do after college, what occupation i want, and what college i want to go to.

I love where i am in my life right now because so far (knock on wood) i haven't made any HUGE life altering decisions. I still have all of the major ones ahead of me, and while that's very exciting, i'm also feeling very anxious.

I don't feel like i've even really found anything that i want to do for the rest of my life, and i definitely couldn't commit to any one thing right now. There seems to always be people who are perfect for what they do, like Laura being a makeup artist, and Micki going into science, and i just don't know if there's anything out there for me that i would be good at or enjoy doing for a long time.

I also want to travel and have experiences because i've never traveled very far or seen much of the world. Maybe it's just stress, PMS, or i am going crazy but a lot of this stuff is really perplexing me right now! So i would much appreciate some personal stories or advice of what you guys went through when you were done with high school. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Best Friend, Micki

Micki and I went to the temple for mutual, and we were taking pictures for girls camp. I love Micki so much! I realized that nothing in my life would be half as much fun without her. She's the best sister in the whole world, and she always lets me know how much she loves and cares about me. We always have so much fun together, and she's so beautiful and sweet! I'm so lucky to have her for my best friend, and sister! Thanks for adding so much to my life Mick, I sure love ya!

Sandy Chest!

Hunter asked us to bury him in sand while we were at Willard Bay, and so we did bury him.... but we added a couple of additions. By looking at hunter's face, it goes without saying that he was not happy about the additions, but he was too buried to do anything! We felt bad for him, but at the same time it was hilarious!

Hats Hats and more Hats

Ah, isn't the dollar section in target the greatest?!? This is a picture of me and Jovi sporting their lovely pink sun hats, ha ha I think Jovi kindof looks like a mexican baby in a sombrero!

Cheesy Chachi

SMILE! Oh gosh, Chachi definitely knows how to smile big! She's so stinking cute though. We were on our way to the store in this picture, and she was singing A Little House In the Middle of the Woods, and every time we got to the HELP ME, HELP ME part she would say it in the highest little girl voice, it really was adorable!

Avatar-Smurf Tongues

While we stayed up at the Mackleys we ate the huge Blow Pop suckers, and I bet you can't guess what kind Hunter and I had.... Blue Raspberry!

Muddy Buddies!

My best friend, Kelsey, and I decided to spontaneously have a mud fight on a rainy day! We both got in old clothes, and headed off for the hollow by my house. We walked down into it, and there was a plethera of mud! We climed up the steep muddy hill, and then sat at the top, and pushed off. We slid down the hill on our backs at first, and then we gave our tummies a try. I'm pretty sure I could have won the world record for mud caked in my belly button, it was pretty attractive! Ha ha, all the cars driving past stopped and asked if we were ok, cause we were just sitting there in the mud. Little did they all know that we were having a ball playing like little 6 year old boys!

Glamour Girls!

Micki, Laura, and I all had a WAY fun sleepover. To take this pic we set my camera on a table in the store, and we definitely got some weird looks thrown our way! We tried on some pretty stylish headbands, and Mick and I ended up getting a couple. Thanks again Laura Loo for the funtasmic sleepover!

Prom 2010!

Ok, so I know this happened a while ago, but I wanted everyone to know that I did actually go to prom, and I wasn't lying about being asked. I had a blast, and I'm sad it's over.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Go BLUE or go HOME!

We went blue and went to the game! It was super fun, thanks so much to Kristineie Beanie for getting the tickets from Reid and everything! Grandpa is even smiling cause his team was winning!

Gooooooo Aggies!

Chachi (or Ainsley, or Barbara) and me and Jane (or Jasmine or Kitty) at the Aggie football game which by the way they won! It was super fun to get to go to the game and see the fam! I definately have some cute cousins!!!

Homegoing?... oh wait homecoming!

This is me and my date Jacob, all dressed up and looking nifty for homecoming dance! It turned out to be such a blast, homecoming dance is one of the only good things about going back to school!

The AqUaRiUm!

Micki, Afsonai, and I all went to the aquarium the day after we slept over, and it was so fun! There are so many amazing water creatures, Heavenly Father definately has an imagination! My favorite animals there were the chocolate chip starfish (it's a real animal), the jellyfish, and the octopus I almost made go blind from my camera flash! The ladies behind us "kindly" reminded me that flashes were not allowed.

Beauty is pain!

Um I pretty much love all of our faces here! Who knew the capacity of my beauty? I could pretty much stop anybody in their tracks at a single glance!

Who ya gonna call? Ghost busters!!! oh wait thats a mask

Who are those sexy girls in this picture you might find yourself asking. Well they are Micki, Afsonai, and Lexi! We rejuvenated our faces! We had so much fun doing this, I would highly reccomend mud masks!

S to the lumber partay!!!

Micki and I slept over at Afsonai and Tyler's house, and this is us girls on the love seat eating ice cream and watching NCIS!!! It was a total blast!!!

Two little fishies and one Fisher!

We went boating with the cute Mackley family and had a blast! Fisher is so stinking cute, and after being told he could snuggle my piggies he came in swimming with me!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flaming Gorge, aka: the love of my life!!!

Where to begin... Flaming Gorge is one of my very favorite places on this earth! I love boating there so much, it's pretty much a BLAST! This years trip was super fun, just like every other year! We had such amazing weather and everything the first part of the trip, and the water was G-L-A-S-S, the second part of the trip was still loads of fun, the weather just wasn't so great. Nothing ever stops our family from having fun though, so the trip was a definite success! We missed the Jackmans and the K-webbs though, it just wasn't quite the same! This was my family eating watermelon before hittin' the road to go home, see you next year flaming gorge!